Tooliom 200 A Mig Welder Review- To Buy Or Not To Buy

Tooliom 200 A Mig Welder Review

Metal inert gas welding is one of the most common welding techniques. Today, there are countless MIG welders in the market. Choosing the right welder can be quite difficult.

The Tooliom 200 A MIG welder is a heavy-duty professional welder. It is the ideal tool for thick metal joints that require closer attention to detail. 

The MIG welder uses rods of different sizes and types. Click here to get the full list of approved rod sizes.

The Tooliom is ideal for workshop-oriented projects and simple and uncomplicated DIY projects at home. It is a versatile welding machine.

Is the Tooliom 200A Mig Welder Good For You?

You should consider obtaining the welding machine. It’s a high-end welder with a slew of attractive features.

In addition to its multi-purpose capabilities, the machine employs pulse-width modulation technology to improve operational efficiency.

The aesthetically designed machine is functional beyond its looks. It is a powerhouse that has been built sturdily to offer users longevity. It is ideal for professional and basic welding applications.

Here’s a video review of this welder:

Quick Overview

Tooliom is a reputable welding hardware manufacturer. The 200 A Mig is one of their popular products. 

The machine is oriented for Mig, flux-corded, and lift tig welds. The machine’s interface makes it easy for the user to operate. It is perfect for beginners.

The welding machine is great for both light and heavy-duty tasks. It is perfect for pros due to its flexibility. 

It certainly checks all the right boxes, making it a relatively easy choice for anyone looking to buy a Mig machine.

various welding accessories, including a power cord, power adapter, and a flow gauge regulator.

The Tooliom 200 A mig welder is a great choice. With the easy layout and straight forward interface, anyone can use the machine. It is perfect for mig welds, and makes light work of most tasks.

What’s In the Box?

  • MIG Welder
  • Power Cord
  • 9.8-foot Shielding Gas Hose
  • Ground Clamp
  • 10-foot ground Cable
  • MIG Torch
  • 10-foot torch Cable.
  • Electrode Holder
  • 10-foot electrode holder Cable
  • Wire Brush
  • W Knurl Groove(FCAW-GS)


Dimensions 20.5 x 15.6 x 12.6 inches
Weight 31.9lbs.
Input Voltage 110/220V/ 220(230)V
Output Rating  30-200 A
Polarity DC
Mode Icon CC
Input Current 30A to 42A
Corresponding Input Frequency 60Hz
Input power 110v/220v/230v
Maximum Rating 200A
Machine Processes Mig, flux-corded, and lift tig welds
Warranty Length 1 year
Gun Cable Assembly Length  10 feet
AC Voltage 1/220/230

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Tooliom 200 A Mig Features

The Tooliom 200 A Mig welder comes with a slew of useful features that make it ideal for your workshop. They are as follows:

Multiple machine process

The Tooliom 200 A Mig welding machine is one of the most adaptable on the market. Not many pieces of equipment have as many welding choices as the Tooliom offering.

Having several welding possibilities on a single device will save you thousands of dollars in the long run compared to purchasing different equipment for different purposes. 

With the TIG, you have DC welding possibilities, and with the MIG and Flux, you have DC welding options. The Tooliom 200 A Mig machine has very few restrictions in terms of versatility.

Professionals will benefit greatly from having a welder who can do most duties. They’re also ideal for quick and easy DIY tasks that don’t need much attention to detail.

“The Tooliom 200 A Mig welder is a really versatile machine, as it offers multiple welding options. The machine is perfect for nearly all welding tasks. You can intuitively switch from one mode to another with relative ease. It is perfect for workshops.”

Thermal Controls

One of the biggest criticisms you can levy against manufacturers of welding machines is that their machines are prone to overheating. It commonly occurs under heavy power draws, where the circuit becomes overloaded.

Tooliom has managed to address overheating issues thanks to a brilliant design, cooling fans, and torque optimization.

The cooling fans are set to increase their RPM under heavy power draws, which dissipates heat faster. 

The welding machine has been designed to allow efficient airflow through the vents, keeping the machine from overheating.

Automatic overload protection ensures that the machine turns off when it gets too hot to protect the electrical components of the machines.

For a system that draws so much power, it is incredible how it has been designed to always stay cool. You do not have to worry about replacing circuit boards due to excessive heat. It is the perfect machine for heavy-duty work.

Amperage range

You can easily evaluate how adaptable or functional a welding machine is based on its amperage range. The best machines provide users with a wide range, as the Tooliom machine does.

The machine generates a current in the range of 30 to 180 amps. You may adjust the range depending on the welding rod and its size.

It provides adequate welding penetration and is suitable for soft and stiff welding arcs. The ampacity range expands the machine’s overall flexibility. It also allows you to use several different rod types.

The Tooliom 200 A is ideal for the workshop due to its wide amperage range.

You can now perform soft and stiff welding arcs using one machine. The Tooliom device is perfect for many different rod types and different rod sizes.

Multiple Accessories

Tooliom includes many necessary accessories to get you started to make the setup and start-up process easier for the customer.

These accessories are critical to the machine’s functionality. These accessories are a power Cord,9.8-foot Shielding Gas Hose, a ground Clamp, 10-foot ground Cable, MIG Torch, 10-foot torch Cable, an electrode Holder, 10-foot electrode holder Cable, wire Brush, and a W Knurl Groove(FCAW-GS).

The accessories are also covered under warranty, so you need not worry about defective products.

The majority of welding equipment manufacturers can be criticized for their accessoriess, which frequently fall short of the overall quality of the core unit. This is not the case with Tooliom where all of the auxiliaries are of high quality.

Intuitive UI and backlit LED display

Machines with out-of-date user interfaces are unsightly and difficult to operate. People like machines that are simpler and less archaic.

The machine will show all of the relevant information on the LCD panel. The data includes the machine’s charge, input and output voltage, and input and output amperage, among other things.

The equipment is typically simple to use and should not cause you any problems.

It’s never been easier to use a welding equipment. Because of the UI, it is fairly simple and easy. The UI clarifies everything.

Pros and Cons

  • It is compatible with Mig, flux-corded, and lifts tig welds.
  • There are multiple accessories included with your purchase.
  • It is portable, and you can transport it easily.
  • 30A to 180A welding output range
  • Durable and sturdily built to last long.
  • It is loud
  • Not foot pedal-compatible.

Who Should Buy The Tooliom 200A Mig welder?

The Tooliom machine is suitable for anybody searching for a versatile machine. It is ideal for persons who do not have a permanent workspace and must travel for employment. It is small, light, and portable.

It is also ideal for those who are learning to weld. It is simple to use and speeds up the learning process. It will undoubtedly fit you if you usually perform mild to medium-duty jobs.

Thanks to the Tooliom gadget, traveling with a welding equipment has never been easier. It is small and light enough to fit in automobile trunks. You should easily understand all of the machine’s fundamental functionalities.

What Is A Great Tooliom 200 A Welder alternative?

The Weldpro Tig 200dg is a great alternative to the. It has similar specs. Here is how they stack up against each other. 

You can read complete review on Weldpro Tig 200dg welder here. 

Feature Weldpro Tig 200dg Tooliom 200 A welder
Amp Output  20A to 200A 30A to 200A
Processes TIG and stick weld Mig, flux-corded, and lift tig welds
Weight  31.3 lbs. 31.9lbs.
Voltage 120/240V 110/220V/ 220(230)V
Wire feed speed (per min) 40-600 40-600
Warranty 3 years 1 year
Price Check Price On Amazon Check Price On Amazon


The Tooliom 200 A MIG welder is a professional, heavy-duty welder. It is perfect for thick metal connections that need greater attention to detail. The MIG welder supports several rod diameters and kinds.

The Tooliom is suitable for workshop operations and easy and uncomplicated DIY projects around the house. It is a multi-purpose welding machine.

 It’s a high-end welder with a plethora of appealing features. Aside from its multi-purpose features, the machine uses pulse-width modulation technology to boost operating efficiency.


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