Weldpro Digital Tig 200GD Review- Is It the Right Machine?

Weldpro Digital Tig 200gd Review

If you have tried purchasing a welding machine lately, you understand how difficult it can be. Welding machines come in all shapes and sizes, and it may not be easy to select the one that checks all your boxes.

The Weldpro Digital Tig 200dg is a TIG welder that uses both AC and DC out. It is perfect for welding aluminum parts, steel joints, titanium, nickel, and copper. 

The versatile machine is perfect for your workshop if you are looking for a flexible multi-functional welder.

You should check out the ideal weld rods that work well with the Weldpro Digital Tig 200gd.

What Makes The Weldpro Digital Tig 200gd Good For You?

The welding machine is one that you should consider. It is a professional-grade welder with many desirable traits.

Aside from its multi-purpose functionality, the machine uses pulse-width modulation tech to optimize operating efficiency.

The Weldpro Digital Tig 200 is also perfect for overall build quality. The machine is sturdy enough to withstand intense workloads for long periods.

This is the pick we have got in our hand and we will be reviewing it completely.

Weldpro Digital TIG 200GD AC DC 200 Amp TigStick Welder
The pick we have tested out

Quick Overview

The Weldpro Digital Tig 200gd is a professional-grade AC/DC welding machine. It is compatible with TIG stick welding and is flexible enough to handle most welding tasks. It is a compact machine.

The machine makes light work of heavy-duty and light-duty weld tasks. It is incredibly powerful and flexible.

It is not suited for professionals alone. The machine is perfect for beginners and learners, as it will assist them in understanding welding basics.

“A flexible TIG welder is a must-have for all welding professionals. The Weldpro Digital Tig 200dg allows you to use both AC and DC current when welding. Aside from flexibility, the overall sturdiness of the device makes it worth every penny. you will get many years out of it.”

This is the pick we have got in our hand:

What’s In the Box

  • Gas hose
  • Foot pedal
  • Power adapter
  • Nozzle
  • Torch cover for protection
  • CK17 superflex head Weldpro torch
  • Trigger button
  • Ground clamp
  • Multiple electrodes
  • Weldpro Digital Tig 200gd
  • Electrode holder


Dimensions 13.4 x 10.6 x 20.8 inches
Weight 31.3lbs.
Input Voltage 110v/240v at 50/60 Hz
Output Rating  20-180A
Polarity AC and DC
Mode Icon CC
Input Current 30A
Corresponding Input Frequency 40-200Hz
Input power 110/240V
Maximum Rating 200A
Machine Processes TIG and Stick welding
Warranty Length 3 years
Gun Cable Assembly Length  10 feet
AC Voltage 110/240/1/60

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Weldpro Digital Tig 200gd Features

The Weldpro Digital Tig 200gd has many great features that make it perfect for your workshop. They include:

Broad operating functions

The Weldpro Digital Tig 200dg affords you operating flexibility, unlike anything you get with most Tig welders. The machine uses both AC and DC out, thereby maximizing the scope.

You can use the machine to complete various welds, including aluminum parts, steel joints, titanium, nickel, and copper, to mention a few. Its flexibility makes it ideal for pro workshops.

“The flexibility makes the machine perfect for a variety of tasks. You can intuitively switch between the outputs and this makes it great.”

Intuitive User Interface

Machines with outdated user interfaces are unattractive and difficult to use. People like machines that are simpler and less old-fashioned.

The Tig welder’s interface is extremely user-friendly. The UI on these computers makes them extremely simple to grasp. It is therefore ideal for beginners and learners.

On the LCD panel, it will display all of the necessary information. The information comprises, among other things, the machine’s charge, input and output voltage, and input and output amperage.

The machine is generally easy to use, and it shouldn’t give you any trouble.

“Using a welding machine has never been easier. It is quite intuitive and straightforward, thanks to the UI. The interface makes everything clearer.”

Accessories and auxiliary components

To make the setup and start-up experience easier for the customer, Weldpro includes a whole host of necessary accessories to get you started.

These accessories are crucial to operationalizing the machine. The components include a gas hose, a foot pedal, power adapter, nozzle, torch cover for protection, CK17 Superflex head Weldpro torch, trigger button, ground clamp, multiple electrodes, etc.

Most welding equipment manufacturers can be chastised for their accessories, which often fall short of the overall quality of the primary unit. It is not the situation in Weldpro, where the auxiliaries are of good quality.

“It is important that Weldpro included the accessories for the user’s benefit. What’s more, the accessories are all covered under the product’s warranty.”

Portability and compact size

Welding machines are typically huge, immovable devices employed at a fixed location. With the Weldpro Digital Tig 200dg, this is not the case.

The welding machine is small, measuring 13.4 x 10.6 x 20.8 inches and weighing 31.3 pounds.

These welders are suitable if you require a machine that can easily move around your workstation. 

There are other benefits to being light and compact. The machine’s size allows it to be easily stowed in compact locations, as it takes up very little space.

The welding machine includes a broad top handle that makes it easier to carry and improves overall transport ergonomics.

“Having a mobile welding machine makes working a lot easier. It is easy to transport to different locations and also move within the workshop.”


Purchasing welding equipment is a significant investment. These are long-term investments that cost a lot of money. 

If the product is defective, it is understandable that you would want some assurance from the manufacturer.

The Weldpro machine comes with an excellent three-year guarantee, which is more than double what you receive with competing welding equipment. The warranty also covers the accessories.

The guarantee does not cover damages caused by negligent handling and maintenance of the item. Like any other piece of gear, you must use the sturdy machine with caution.

“It’s comforting to know that the manufacturer places such a premium on the machine’s performance and dependability by providing a lengthy warranty.”

Sizable amperage range

Based on the amperage range, you may quickly determine how versatile or functional welding equipment is. The best machines give the user a wide range, which is the case for the Weldpro machine.

The Weldpro Digital Tig 200dg produces current ranging from 20 to 180 amps. You may adjust the range based on the type of welding rod and the size. 

It allows you to have adequate welding penetration and is appropriate for both soft and stiff welding arcs. The amperage range increases the machine’s total versatility.

Pros And Cons

  • It is compatible with both TIG and sticks welding.
  • The product comes with a 3-year warranty.
  • The machine is relatively inexpensive.
  • There are multiple accessories included with your purchase.
  • It is portable, and you can transport it easily.
  • 20A to 180A welding output range
  • Durable and sturdily built to last long.
  • Restrictions in functions: The machine can’t do MIG or flux core welding
  • It is loud

Who Should Buy The Weldpro Tig 200dg?

The Weldpro Tig 200dg is ideal for anyone who exclusively does TIG welding. The machine is great for people who lack a fixed workshop and travel for work. It is light, compact, and quite portable.

It is also perfect for people who are learning how to weld. It is easy to use and smoothens the learning process. If you typically do light to mid-duty tasks, it will certainly suit you.

“Traveling with a welding machine has never been easier, thanks to the Weldpro Tig 200dg. It is easy to fit in car trunks, and is relatively light. You should learn about all the basic operations of the machine quickly.”

Here’s a video review of this welder:

Weldpro Tig 200dg Alternatives

The Hobart Multi-handler is a great alternative to the Weldpro Tig 200dg. It has similar specs. Here is how they stack up against each other. You can check full review for Hobart Multi-handler 200 welder from here.

Feature Weldpro Tog 200dg Hobart-Multi Handler
Amp Output  20A to 200A 30A to 200A
Processes TIG and stick weld MIG, TIG, Flux Core, and stick weld.
Weight  31.3 lbs. 38.4lbs
Voltage 120/240V 120/240V
Wire feed speed (per min) 40-600 40-600
Warranty 3 years 5 years
Price Check Price On Amazon Check Price On Amazon


The Weldpro Digital Tig 200dg is a TIG welder that can output AC and DC power. It is ideal for joining aluminum components, steel joints, titanium, nickel, and copper. If you need a versatile multi-functional welder, this equipment is ideal for your workshop.

It is a high-quality welder with many appealing features. Aside from its multi-purpose capabilities, the machine employs pulse-width modulation technology to improve operational efficiency.

It would help if you considered buying a welder to cover all TIG-related tasks.


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